MONDAY - FRIDAY 8am -5pm

What to expect on your first visit.

If you would like to come and see us at Lincoln House we ask that you book an appointment for a New Patient Examination. This will cost £65 for adults and £30 for children. We expect the appointment to last for half an hour. If you have a specific problem that you want to discuss, or you are in pain and would like us to help immediately then please tell our reception team this when you book the appointment so they can allocate extra time if needed. If there is anything we need to know before your appointment please tell the reception team – for example, do you need to be seen in a downstairs surgery?

We will ask you to fill in a form for us to tell us about your general health and any medication you are currently taking.

Many medications affect your mouth and may affect treatment so it is really important that we keep this information up-to-date. We also ask the name of your doctor and your previous dentist. If you have had any problems in the past with dental treatment then it is important to let us know. We will also ask about smoking and alcohol intake.

A few things you might like to think about before you come :
Are you happy with your smile?
Have you any pain in your mouth or jaw?
Do you have gaps, discoloured or broken teeth that you would like to improve the appearance of?
Does your breath smell?
Do your gums ever bleed when you clean your teeth?
If you could wave a magic wand what would you like us to improve?

At your first visit we will have a chat about the answers to the questions above.
We will examine inside your mouth and also your jaw joints. We will check for signs of oral cancer and test how healthy your gums are. We will usually take x-ray images of your teeth to check how healthy the bone is and to look for decay in-between your teeth and under old fillings.

When we have done this we will explain our findings and discuss any treatment that may be needed.
Depending on the health of your mouth we will also suggest which of our membership plans we feel best suits your needs. We will also give a written estimate of costs for future treatment.

Our reception team will arrange any further appointments for you. We ask for payment at the end of each visit rather than at the end of the course of treatment. We accept cash, cheques and credit cards.

If you give us your email address or mobile number we will remind you of further appointments 3 days before you are due.