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In order to find out how we are meeting your needs, we are asking our patients a few questions about the care they have received. We plan to use your suggestions to make our service to you even better. Thank you for your comments

Please tick the box you feel is most applicable, and leave comments relating to any of the statements at the bottom

1. It was easy to schedule a convenient appointment

2. The reception team were friendly, helpful and welcoming

3. I was seen on time

4. I was kept informed of any delay

5. The dental nurse was friendly, caring and professional

6. The dentist was professional and courteous

7. The dentist was considerate and sensitive to my needs

8. My proposed dental treatment was clearly explained

9. I was given treatment alternatives

10. Any questions I had were clearly answered

11. I was given a cost estimate prior to my treatment

12. My dental treatment was completed to my satisfaction

13. The practice was clean and tidy


Thinking about your last visit, what was most positive?

Thinking about your last visit, what was least positive?

In what way could we make your experience better?

Would you recommend us to a friend or family member?




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